It’s always hard to write a profile of yourself, whether it be personal or professional. It’s easier to explain my interests and try to share them. I’ve always been passionate about images, drawing, painting, objects, that is to say anything to do with the Visual Arts. My father, who is a talented artist, passed this passion on to me. I have him to thank for my knowledge of the colours, lights and smells of that world. Growing up in the 60′s and 70′s, I have been strongly influenced by Pop Art, which introduced me to a new, eclectic and experimental means of communicating ideas. I have been inspired again and again by the world of Comics, which taught me how to draw, the sense of proportions, how to summarise concepts. Not to mention Industrial Design, which at that time was at its peak in Italy, and an example for the whole world to follow.

This melting pot of influences went even further in the 80′s, a decade which represented a real revolution in the field of Communication. The 80′s were the beginning for me. After studying Art, I started working as an illustrator, at a time when the world of Advertising and Marketing was growing and full of oppurtunity. Soon after the first computers appeared, with the first graphic and illustration programs, making work quicker and offering new opportunities for experimentation. Old and new techniques merged. Then the internet came along, offering a social revolution and a world of opportunities, a new means of communication and social networking. The internet continues to provide us with new horizons and new challenges.

My experience and my passion for design have come from my participation, however small, in this revolution. The creation and development of a project (be it a logo, a website or the design of an object) incorporate function as well as beauty. Influence is drawn from other object, mixing the modern with the old. For example, mixing the shape of a 1930′s seaplane with those of a modern-day smartphone. The fact that they are distant in time is irrelevant.  They are both the final product of the same objective: success. Their design, use and beauty are fundamentally the same thing.

All of these elements and influences, the experiences that I’ve had, and the privilege of having been able create and share these ideas and with colleagues and clients, have made up my skillset, my DNA as a designer.